Hotchkiss Company is a family owned and operated fourth generation cattle ranch located in the high desert of eastern Oregon. 


The ranch has the capacity to produce 750 yearlings annually yielding 500,000 pounds of dressed beef, and another 400 head of calves weaned in the fall.  Cows are fed native meadow hay during winter.  In the spring, summer and fall cows with calves graze native grasses on the high desert and forest.  Weaner calves are fed native meadow hay and alfalfa in a growing lot during the winter.  In the spring and summer yearlings are grass fed on crested wheat pastures in the high desert.  No herbicides or pesticides are applied to the forage.


The Hereford Angus cross cattle are raised naturally without implanting growth hormones.  None of the cattle are ever fed antibiotics, ionophores, or animal by products.   Any animal given therapeutic anitibiotic is identified and exited from the natural program.  These animals fit natural beef market niches.


Hotchkiss Company is a member of Oregon Country Beef.  We also sell on Western Video Market


Hotchkiss Company Inc. has been the recipient of the U.S. Forest Service Chief's award for range management, the Goodyear/NACD Conservation Award for resource conservation, two time recipient of the Harney County Chamber Grass is Gold award, the Austin Family Business Program Old Family Business of the Year for Oregon and the national award for family business from Mass Mutual.

Sustainable Riparian Protection
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For further information contact:


Mark or Susan Doverspike

(541) 573-7577